The Pillars of's Philosophy 

I. Communication

II. Sensory Integration

III. Support Services and Counseling 

(Generic) Surface Go 2

We believe that continuous education and expansion of communication abilities is essential for individuals with disabilities to live fulfilling lives. It’s been our experience that older children and adults that have left school systems are especially in need of more constructive and effective methods to further progress in various life areas. Our mission is to help provide tactile and technological educational tools in order to develop communication, recreation, social, and physical skills. We also believe the ability to be productive and engaged in the community is of the utmost importance, and thus vocational and recreational opportunities will be made available. Raised monies will help those in need obtain traditional and modern educational technology so that an appropriate means to communicate be available to everyone who needs it. 

mission statement

Stimz, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to enhance the lives of those affected with autism and other developmental disabilities through initiatives designed to foster acceptance and inclusion as well as celebrate the unique talents and abilities that are not always obvious on the surface but can be drawn out when the appropriate tools and supports are made available.